Friday, 21 November 2014

Six for a North West Archipelago

Tonight I was at the vice again. I set out to tie a another three dark mackerels with a red holographic body but soon realised I hadn't left enough space to tie in the wing before tying on the final hen collar hackle. So I just proceeded to carry on and form three claret bumbles of sorts.
The other three flies haven't got a name. The body is greenish holographic tinsel.
It has a sooty olive body hackle ribbed with silver tinsel and an orange partridge collar hackle
I'm sure these will be the ideal style to use on the Outer Hebrides. I cant get that archipelago out of my mind at the moment.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Dark Mackerel

After picking up my copy of FF&FT this week I found within its pages an interesting article on an old traditional wet fly pattern called the Dark mackerel.
Its was first devised by a tackle dealer from Edinburgh called John Dickson and was said to be a great pattern for sea trout as well as brown trout in peat stained lochs. Through the years there have been many variations of this old timer. It became popular on Loch Leven too but is more synonymous with the sea trout of the North West Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
Hope you like my take on this old traditional pattern. Its a fly that will no doubt find its way on to my leader when I visit the Uists next year. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Hebridean Flee Box!

Hello there . Its been a while since my last post. The reason for my absence from these pages is simple. I haven't been fishing or flytying.
However this weekend I will be tying as just this afternoon my fishing trip to the Uists next year was finally booked and my friends and I are in the process booking boats and arranging which lochs to fish. So suitably inspired my thoughts have been turning to fly patterns etc. So off I went to GAC this afternoon for some new tying threads , hooks and tinsel etc.
Looks like I will be tying my favourite style of flies, the Trad wets, as they would appear to be what is required on the Outer Hebrides. While I was in the GAC I purchased what is most likely the cheapest and handiest flee box I have ever had. It was only 55p. That's 50p more expensive than the carrier bag lol.
So folks, I will be posting a few pics of what ever falls from my vice over the next day or two. So please excuse me I'm off to tie some flees.

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Dabbler Live @ The Lily Loch

As the Lily Loch fishing season doesn't end until the the end of October I decided to have a few hours up at the Lily Loch this afternoon and as well as my fly rod and flies etc I took along the recording equipment and put together a very amateurish podcast. Give it a listen by clicking the link below!

Monday, 6 October 2014

The Fly tying season begins! #winter

Ach! well I never did manage to have one last day at the loch today.
I've had a better than average season by my standards and have enjoyed every minute of it.
As always I never got away as much as I would have liked but did manage a couple of very memorable trips to the highlands. My bread and butter fishing was my home loch Hillend, where I probably had my best season from the boat. Nothing spectacular by any means but it was great for me.
Although the brown trout season has ended the fly tying season now begins. Here's a wee soldier to herald the start of the season. #winter

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wild Flyfishing Stravaig Slideshow!

A concise slide show of my recent wild flyfishing stravaig to the Highlands

Monday, 29 September 2014

Oot n Aboot - Catching Troot!

I’ve just returned from a four day Stravaig to the North West Highlands of the United kingdom.
I had an absolutely magnificent time tramping the hills through heather and bog to the numerous hill lochs that abound in this part of the country. The fishing was amazing and a couple of the lochs I visited are very special indeed. I fished the Loch of the Buttery troot, The Loch of the secret canoe, The Shooder Loch and The Loch of the bandy troot to name but a few.
The weather was fine apart from two days when the wind was ferocious to say the least, however it didn’t put off the trout it just made catching them a little bit more challenging.
All in all it was a very successful trip in the company of a group of like minded fisher folk with a passion for wild fishing in the remote mountainous lands of the North West Highlands.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunshine & Trout!

Today I went out on the boat at hillend for probably the last time this season as I have a busy few weeks ahead as well as going on one last Fishing Stravaig to the far North West of the UK next week.
My boat partner today was non other than the Hillend Veteran Davie G!
Conditions were not ideal as we set afloat as we had bright sunshine with clear blue skies as well the surface of the loch looking like a mirror.
We concentrated our efforts on the north shore of the loch as well as the big back bay behind the woods.
Davie hooked and lost a cracker of a rainbow which must have been about 4lb but he lost the fight after a good ten minutes or so.
I was next to lose a fish which pinged my fly close to the boat and then swam off. There after we did rise quite a few fish which was surprising as the conditions were far from ideal. However every now and again a breeze would pick up and we would feel more confident fishing in a nice ripple.
In the afternoon I eventually hooked and netted a trout, It was nice blueback trout of about one and a half pound or so. The fish was fooled by one of my small black cormorant lures.
It wasn't long before Davie hooked and landed a fish this time it was a rainbow trout which was fooled by a Coch Y Bonddu.
We fished on for another hour or so and managed to rise a few more trout but they weren't confident enough to take our flies.
We called it a day about half past four and headed back to the club house.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Davie on the loch today and as I have previously said in my podcast its always a pleasure to fish with Davie, an experienced stalwart of Hillend Loch. Until the next time , Thanks Davie.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Hillend Dabbler Podcast [05]

It was a long time coming but I finally got around to putting together my latest fishing and music podcast. Please be gentle its only a simple, unpretentious and humble fishing and music podcast.
Get yer lugs roond my pod by clicking the link!